Mission Statement

Jasper Junior Football League is a competitive football program for boys in 1st through 6th grades living in the Greater Jasper Consolidated School district.

The objective of the Jasper Junior Football League is:

  • To provide a wholesome, enjoyable experience of playing football for
    youths from grades 1-6 while teaching the basic fundamentals of the game,
    teamwork, good sportsmanship, discipline and response to leadership.

  • To encourage the players to maintain satisfactory grades in school and
    to emphasize the importance of keeping a proper relationship and balance
    between scholastic and athletic endeavors.

  • To provide a satisfying, rewarding experience for coaches, sponsors
    and those persons administering the program through their relationships in
    teaching and working with youth.

  • To provide a well-organized and implemented program that is
    appreciated and favorably received by the parents of the community.